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JIANGMEN HUALONG MOTORCYCLE  CO., LTD   is the original supplier for motorcycle of street bike, moped, scooters, spare-parts etc. Founded in 2006, our motorcycle covers 50cc, 100cc, 125cc,150cc and 200cc motorcycles. We export over 10,000units per month of motorcycles all over the world.

We have been focused on being professional in the market of Africa, Middle and South America, Middle East and Asian countries. We produce the models suitable for each market, and we would like to find our sole agent only in each market to achieve pleasant and long-term cooperation relationship.

According to the strict quality management system and inspection qualification system, under the supervision of advanced professional technology, we firstly created the novel individuation in the same industry, and produced our motorcycle that have beautiful appearance, exquisite process and excellent performance, meet the special strategic thought of our company, guide the new international trend in the motorcycle field.

Spare-parts is another main product for us, we export many spare-parts in the past years. The parts is very important to support the sales of motorcycle on the market, we have the reliable support of technical on this business which make it quite easier.
Our goal is to achieve: the best service, the highest quality, the competitive price and to be your best cooperator. Welcome to visit us and establish long term business relationship.
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